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First Flash

2007-11-18 16:51:28 by danadler

My First Flash Only Just Survived The Under Judgement Part. I Done Everything I Could, But Messed Up On The Frames Per Second, My Old PC Lagged Out Propper (Thats A Genuine Excuse By The Way). Well At Least It Passed. Pretty Crap Score Though.

Making Flash.

2007-11-18 10:55:20 by danadler

Right, If You Are Reading This, You Probably Been On To My Page. As It Says I Have No Flash Submitted. Ive Been On Newgrounds For About A Month Now Or Something, And Have Submitted 2 Flashes That Got Blammed. I Know That The First One That I Submitted Was Pretty Crap And Knew That It Was Going To Get Blammed. But The Second One I Submitted Took Quite Some Time To Make, I Have No Clue Why That Was Blammed Though. I Am Working On A Flash Now That I Am Going To Take My Time With, And I Am Making A Flash With Another Author. If My Third Submittion Gets Blammed, I Dont Know What Else To Do.


If You See Work Done By Me, Dont Rate It On Quality Of Sound For The Moment...The Microphone I Have At The Moment Is Crap.